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Kurtis Barnett, The Financial Alliance and Insurance Solutions

Kurtis Barnett

Kurtis Barnett is a Series 65 Agent with a Life Insurance and Health Insurance licenses. He has worked in the insurance industry from a young age, although was officially licensed in 2004.

Kurtis has a natural want to help people, and enjoys the study of financial planning. He always does what’s best for clients. He’s often praised for asking important questions that, according to most clients, they’ve never been asked before. Additionally, he’s been ranked in the nation’s top 20 largest producing agents, out of a total of the 25,000 with Allianz.

Kurtis is an honest, driven, hard-working, by his own admission “workaholic.” When not working, however, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Mary, traveling, and also has martial arts as a hobby.

Kurtis is the proud son of Dean & Jean Barnett. He has two sisters, Kayla & Karen, all of whom still live in his hometown in Iowa, where he visits them several times per year.

Mary Barnett

Mary is an Event Coordinator, and is also in charge of marketing and client relations. She has a number of responsibilities: Planning out the calendar year, creating marketing for clients and prospects, planning events, booking appointments, and more. She also enjoys that the job allows her to spend more time with Kurtis, her husband.

Mary is hard-working, dependable, caring, highly organized, and an animal lover.

When not working, Mary volunteers at a no-kill animal shelter, does DIY projects, or simply spends time with her pets and Kurtis.

Erik Johnson

Erik E. Johnson is a Series 6, 23, 26 and 65 Agent with a Mortgage Loan Originator license. He has been in the insurance industry since 2016.

Erik enjoys providing solutions to people's problems. He's always there for clients, being easily reachable and staying in contact with them. He's attentive, provides exceptional customer service, and anyone will tell you how likeable and charismatic he is.

Additionally, he's involved in local food drives on a yearly basis, and served as the president of a local Networking Chapter for two years.

Erik lives in Artesia, California, but grew up in Long Beach. He's been married for four years and has three kids (with a fourth on the way.) As Erik will tell you, life is about memories. And his goal is to create as many as he can.


Robert Oseguera

Robert is a Client Relations Representative at the Financial Alliance. He's in charge of assisting Kurtis & Eric during their meetings and making sure clients' needs are met, as well as prepping for the next meeting. Additionally, Robert helps in the back office when needed, ensuring the office runs smoothly so we can reach our goals as a team. He enjoys helping others and the camaraderie of working on a team.

Robert went to school for Communications and holds a life insurance license. Prior to working with the Financial Alliance, he worked for an insurance company for about 3 years, and did property management for about 2 years. He's a kind, thoughtful, caring, and adventurous person. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family, hiking, and finding new places to eat.

Joanna Timmons

Joanna is a Client Services Specialist with the Financial Alliance. She makes sure the office runs smoothly, assisting with prepping for seminars and communication with clients (answering phone calls and the like.)

Joanna takes care to ensure clients are receiving the best service possible. She has had other jobs in the past related to event planning, but wanted to find a job role where her hard work would really help others.

When not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their two cats, at their home in Long Beach, California.

Karen Baardson

Karen is the Head of Accounting, and Kurtis’ sister. Karen has a hand in anything and everything that has to do with Kurtis' bank accounts. She handles all payroll and outgoing payments, oversees the bookkeepers, helps with any snags they run into, works with the CPA answering questions about the books, and helps troubleshoot glitches with our password and file sharing platform. She also typically takes care of new employee paperwork as well as termination paperwork. Her job is a little different every day: There’s always a new problem to tackle or an issue to research. Karen likes to fill in all the blanks and complete tasks.

Karen is funny, relaxed, but incredibly organized, full of energy, and isn’t above laughing at herself. 

She lives with her husband of 21 years, Kyle, their 4 sons, and 1 dog, Cora. When not working, Karen enjoys a number of hobbies: She loves audiobooks and podcasts, cooking, baking, scrapbooking, board games, puzzles, exercising, doing any sort of DIY project, and giving back to the community. Karen volunteers and her local church, her childrens’ Christian school, and often at homeless shelters. And of course, she loves spending time with her family.

Jennyfer Sickler

Jennyfer Sickler

Jennyfer handles coordinating the mailers for seminars, by running demographic counts, designing postcards and flyers, and scheduling the mailing. She also sometimes assists in the area of seminars, namely with the check-in process and helping determine seminar locations. Jennyfer landed a professional sales job at the age of 22, and it was here that she learned about helping companies target their correct audience. She has now been in sales and marketing for over 27 years. 

Jennyfer has a number of sales achievement awards, but considers being the maid of honor at Mary and Kurtis’ wedding the best title she’s been given. Each year, she volunteers with the Sunshine Kids Foundation.

Jennyfer loves to make people laugh. She’s the life of the party, with a want to bring out the fun in everybody. When not working, Jennyfer loves to travel, try out new restaurants, and of course, spend time with her family. She has three children: Aliyah, Cameron, and Isaiah, and two dogs, FiFi and Dexter.

Jessica Castle

Jessica holds the title of Supervisor of Client Relations with the Financial Alliance. Her responsibilities include overseeing new business transactions and client service requests for all lines of business, as well as supervising and training other employees on new business processing and client services.

Jessica gets a lot of enjoyment out of helping clients navigate complicated paperwork and transactions, making the process easier for them. She also enjoys helping her fellow employees succeed. She's compassionate, tenacious, funny, and smart.

When not working, she spends her time playing board games, hiking, or reading. Jessica lives in Tucson, Arizona with her husband, Bryce. She has two cats named MacReady and Bullet.

Anahi Puente

Anahi Puente is a Transaction Coordinator Assistant with the Financial Alliance. She began working with us in 2023. Her responsibilities include putting together opportunity charts, as well as keeping in contact with clients to keep them updated weekly.

Anahi is smart, funny, genuine, and kind. She went to Long Beach Community College, then transferred to California State University, Long Beach, and studied Business Administration specializing in Finance.

When she's not doing her job, Anahi loves spending time at the beach. She currently lives with her mother in Norwalk, California, along with their pets: two dogs, two birds, and three cats.


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